Business Park

Diamond Business Park Stryków is a logistics and industrial park, which offers high quality warehouse space for rent. Its construction allows for flexible interior arrangements, suited to the needs of tenants and adaptable to manufacturing activities. The lease space provides not only comfort of use but above all safety. The property is equipped with all media and technical infrastructure.

Diamond Business Park Stryków is located near the junction of the A1 and A2 highways, just 15 km from Łódź. The central location of the park offers excellent conditions for distribution in Poland and Europe, and for conducting any activity associated with the light industry. Easy access by public transport to the Łódź city center, low business costs and availability of highly-skilled workforce are additional advantages of the park.

Diamond Business Park is a network of warehouse and logistics parks developed by AIG/Lincoln Polska. There are already six Diamond Business Parks operating in Poland, located in urban areas or near them, in carefully selected locations with easy access to complex technical infrastructure. Parks are distinguished by high flexibility in terms of allocation and management of the space, as well as, the type of the business conducted. They function as modern data centers, assembly and service plants of various industries, including: telecommunications, cosmetics, metallurgy, automotive, pharmaceutical, FMCG or logistics – courier companies, distributors and wholesalers. Industrial, warehouse, technical and offices space in every Diamond Business Park is tailored to the needs of its tenants. The arrangements include all requirements, such as those related to technological process, work system or equipment used. The six Diamond Business Parks operating in Poland cover the area of ​​250 000 m2. The facilities are located in Gliwice, Piaseczno, Raszyn, Warsaw’s Ursus, Łódź and Stryków. The total employment in these facilities reaches several thousand people.

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