The construction of floor plans in Diamond Business Park Stryków allows the use of different storage systems, individual layout of the production line and conducting all logistics activities, including picking and packing. The total lease area is currently 28 800 m2 with a minimum unit of about 1 200 m2. For the implementation of the next building with area of ​​approximately 10 000 m2 a building permit has already been issued. Offices and social areas in Diamond Business Park Stryków have been designed for practical use of space and interior arrangements, according to the needs and structure of tenant’s employment.
  • 3 500 m2 warehouse + 400 m2 office
  • 9 600 m2 - available within 5 months after signing the lease agreement

Technical specification of warehouse space

  • Optional preparation for production activities
  • Dock doors with rubber dock shelters and hydraulic dock levelers
  • Ramps to drive-in doors providing access to warehouse floor for vans and smaller cargo vehicles,
    as well as, forklifts routes between manoeuvring area and warehouse
  • Manoeuvring area – 18 m
  • Warehouse height – 10 m
  • Column grid 12 m × 25 m
  • Building depth: 100 m  
  • Maximum floor load finished with an anti-dust layer 6t / m2
  • Allocation of media according to the needs of tenants
  • High-speed Internet
  • Natural light through skylights – 3% of the roof area
  • Artificial light lamps provided by high-pressure sodium lamps – 150 lx

Technical specification of office and social space

  • Modern office and socio-sanitary space of high standard, implemented on the basis of the actual needs of the user
  • Offices located on the ground floor and / or mezzanine level
  • Allocation of media according to the needs of tenants
  • Advanced telecommunication system
  • Rooms height – 3 m
  • Air-conditioning and temperature control
  • Access to natural light providing a high level of work comfort
  • Extensive parking for staff and visitors
  • 24h security